1984, the year Apple Computer releases the Macintosh personal computer, and also the year a letter got lost.

old fountain pen on manuscript


Imagine going to your mailbox and finding a mini-time-capsule from that year.  That's sort of what happened to Gary Milligan of West Seneca.

WIVB reports that "Milligan grabbed the mail one day and sifted through it. One of the letters looked old and was already opened".

Milligan said,

"It was...kind of faded, and the writing was kind of faded, and I said to the wife, I says, 'right address, wrong person,'"

Then he looked at the post mark date-1984. Gary and his wife Nancy Milligan have been in their house for the last 19 years, so this letter was obviously meant fore the previous resident.

"Being that it was 34, 35 years old, to me I felt, and the wife said, that's like a time capsule."


They decided together to read it to figure out where it came from.  In enthusiastic cursive handwriting, a grandmother is congratulating her grandson on taking his SATs and getting ready to pursue a career. That grandson is named Tim Anderson.

They are trying to track this young man down, so if you know of anything, let WIVB or 96.1 the Breeze help.

Nancy Milligan finally said,

"My heart felt sad. It felt sad. I want to find this man, so he can have his letter from his grandmother," she said. "There's a calling for something. There really is. The calling is for us to find this gentleman."

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