I have been saying it now and again for the last few months, and although I have only been to the RUE FRANKLIN on Franklin Street in Buffalo a few times; the vibe was great, the food even better. I would say to friends “Let’s go the Rue…some time”. Well some time came, and now it is gone because "THE RUE" which opened their doors in 1971; closed them for good based on this statement from their website:

“Saturday June 24, 2017 was the last dinner service for Rue Franklin. With the heaviest of hearts we say thank you to all of our guests who have supported the restaurant through the years.”

It is just a restaurant, I understand, but it is also a reminder that reinforces the age old adage: “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

I have no personal connection to this restaurant other than I enjoyed it, for me this is more about regret. This is about me thinking about doing something (visiting the RUE) and not acting on it.

What else do we contemplate in our lives and realize we have waited too long?

Is it taking a trip? Making an effort to reach out to a family member or friend that you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile? Or is it just saying “I love you” or “I am sorry”?

I should have…could have…would have… but didn’t- Sometimes it takes, something like, a restaurant closing to make you realize tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. It is hard to live in the "here and now" and I can only try to do it more moving forward. Only now it will not be while enjoying a cocktail and meal at the RUE-



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