I'm a huge fan of my Roomba -- it's the literal only reason my house looks close to tidy on a daily basis.

I love my smart lights, which I can turn on and off with my voice or an app.

Living in the future is good.

And while I'm still waiting for flying cars and for Dippin Dots to be "The Ice Cream Of NOW," technology has solved another issue plaguing most adults I know -- folding laundry.

WIVB reports on FoldiMate, essentially a Roomba for folding laundry. "It can fold between 20 and 40 items in less than four minutes," according to WIVB. Though the California-based manufacturer says it cannot fold small items like baby clothes, underwear and socks.

WIVB reports the FoldiMate not ship until late 2019, and is expected to cost $980.

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