I had the utmost pleasure of visiting Ideal Image in Amherst, NY yesterday, for my free consultation in regards to laser hair removal.


I LOVE Ideal Image. As soon as I walked in the door, they greeted me with a smile. (They didn't even know I was Melody from Mix 96) they were greeting EVERYONE this way. I met with the manager, Melissa and she was phenomenal.

As a former teacher, education is important. I wanted to know what I was getting myself into. Melissa talked to me about the different stages of hair and the types of laser Ideal Image uses. They use a laser where it penetrates right to the root of the hair, unlike an IPL laser.

You do need to fill out a health form, and relay your medical history. Once that is completed, they talk to you about payment plans. I couldn't believe they have 60 percent off laser hair removal! (This is for a limited time) I really can't believe how affordable this is! If you are strapped for cash, they do have financing options and even INTEREST FREE options! I was floored! To me, to not wax, shave, etc... is priceless AND this was extremely affordable.

I am going to be relatively transparent here; I got my upper lip done. I am Italian and I have those darker hairs and I am so sick of waxing them! It hurts, and I am spending so much money every month/year etc...

Now, you have to get medically cleared by talking to one of their Doctors. If you are medically cleared, you then meet with a nurse to make sure they can laser the hairs. The softer, more blonde hairs are harder to laser, so it wouldn't be worth it. But, being the Italian that I am, they were able to do it.

I was asked to wash my upper lip, beforehand. The nurse then called me and took me back into their laser room. The room was super clean, and the nurse was accommodating and informative. The nurse explained to me what was going to happen. She told me that it was going to feel like a burst of cool air about 10 times on my upper lip. She did tell me, that it might hurt. I started getting nervous.

The nurse placed gauze pads over my eyes and then I had to wear special eye wear. I folded my hands and gripped them tightly and the first blast went off. Wow! It didn't hurt! It felt literally like a burst of cool air. I was extremely surprised. Now, everyone's pain tolerance is different and I would like to think that I am more sensitive than others. This literally didn't hurt. I didn't even have red or swelling either.

After 10 blasts of cool air from the laser, I was finished (not even 5 minutes.) The nurse placed some aloe over my upper lip just in case and I was on my way. The most important caution was to stay out of the sun. If I am going into the sun, make sure that I use an SPF of 50 or higher.

I do need to go back periodically for the growth of the hair stages and I am looking forward to it!

What I love about Ideal Image is you can come back again and again IF the hairs come back. They have a lifetime plan! Because, women have hormonal changes and can become pregnant, that can throw off the hair growth. If this happens to you, you can come back!

I highly recommend going to Ideal Image for laser hair removal. They are the experts with over 6 million treatments performed and top notch technology to get rid of those hairs for good!

Stay smooth, Buffalo!

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