A major cold front is set to sweep across New York State and bring freezing temperatures and this is a good thing.

This week we will see normal average temperatures across the state but a cold snap will come across the state during the weekend.

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The cold snap will start on Thursday and stay with us through Saturday night. The high temperatures will be in the upper to mid-30s with the lows dropping down into the 20s.

While the temperatures are great for walking or being outside, there is a good reason people are excited about the colder temperatures.

The cold front will be temperatures that will help cool down both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario which is good news. Both lakes have been above normal over the past several weeks and that could be an issue for Lake effect snow.

Lake effect snow is caused when a cold front moves over warmer water. We saw firsthand in Western and Upstate New York what Lake effect snow can do just a couple of weeks ago. The town of Hamburg got over 81 inches of Lake effect snow in a 72-hour period.

The snow was brought by a Lake effect snow band that moved slowly over the area bringing historic snowfall.

Now that the cool weather is coming, the lakes will cool down and that means the chance for Lake effect snow will diminish.

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