The warmer-than-average temperatures we had here in New York at the beginning of November are now coming back to haunt us.

Because of the warm weather, Erie and Ontario Lakes never cooled down and now because they are at record warm temperatures for this time of the year, the cold front that is coming later this week will cause massive lake-effect snow across the area.

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WGRZ's Patrick Hammer is predicting snow all along the lake shores.

  Channel 4's Mike Cejka is tracking possible heavy lake effect snow from anywhere from 2 inches to over a foot in some places based on what weather model you are looking at.  

Channel 7's Aaron Mentkowski is also showing that the record warmth for Lake Erie will lead to massive lake-effect snow.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo is showing the lake effect snow starting on Wednesday and continuing through Saturday night.

Now would be the time to make sure your house, vehicle, and you are all set for winter and snow.

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