Spring is here and that means a lot of adults will be heading out to fields all across Western York State.

From the soccer fields to baseball and softball diamonds to kickball and volleyball, adults will be out and about continuing to play the game or games that grew to love as a kid.

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Adult rec sports are a huge part of many people's lives and one of the best things about joining an adult rec sports league is getting a cold one with your teammates after the game, win or lose.

This year, Labatt wants to make it a bit easier for you to get your team that cold one after the game. Right now they are looking for adult rec sports teams to sponsor.

Labatt has launched their new Labatt Parks and Rec program where they are offering local sports teams and leagues some help with sponsorships.

Labatt's Parks and Rec program is offering $500 to teams and leagues to help cover costs for uniforms, ref fees, league dues and to cover post-game drinks.

They are also looking to improve the fields that you play on with grants to clean up the park, improve the field, benches, or whatever the field needs.

In order to be considered for a Labatt Parks and Rec sponsorship or grant you need to apply online before May 31st, 2023.

You can apply for a sponsorship HERE

You can apply for a grant HERE

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