Buffalo Distilling Company is the birthplace of Buffalo's only commercially-available krupnik -- and it's going fast this Easter season. A popular honey-infused sweet and spicy vodka, krupnik has its roots in Poland.

According to Wikipedia, "Legend has it that the recipe was created by the Benedictine monks at a monastery in Niaśviž (then known as Nieśwież) which was founded by Mikołaj Krzysztof "Sierotka" Radziwiłł. Known in Poland and Lithuania (including present-day Belarus) at least since the 16th century, it soon became popular among the szlachta of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. There are numerous recipes preserved up to present times in countless diaries of the szlachta. Krupnik was also used as a common medicinal disinfectant by Polish soldiers in World War II."

I had a chance to sit down with Roy Bakos from Buffalo Distilling, and we talked about how One Foot Cock's Krupnik came to be, and where and when it'll be available again (spoiler alert: the next batch will be out by Holy Thursday, so you'll get it in time for Easter -- but be forewarned, future batches are waiting on bees to physically make more honey, so be patient).

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