Oreo is one of my favorite store bought cookies (my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies is solid at #1) and Nabisco has marketed and branded the OREO in more ways than any other cookie creation. From the slew of cookie flavors, ice cream and cereal to the double stuff and the thins there is an OREO for every pallet and the newest marketing gimmick could score someone $50,000!

The new OREO flavor is in limited release but Nabisco is not telling anyone what it is! That’s up to you decided and your guess could win you $50,000. All you need to do is pick up a pack of their new limited edition “Mystery” flavor Oreo’s taste them and then visit the Mystery Oreo Website and put in your guess! Milk is optional.

So go on and get tasting. The next milk and cookie break can score you champagne and caviar...now that would make a great flavor!

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