Last week on the Mix Morning Rush, Laura Daniels and I were discussing the new flavor of Oreos! The new flavor is Peeps! We had mentioned that we were interested in trying them out to see how they taste! Unfortunelty at the time we were unable to find any of the cookies in stores. Luckily for us our amazing listener Ruth brought us in a box to try.


Soon after consuming some of the delicious new hot pink colored filled Oreos I discovered something in the news about this specific product. People that were eating these vibrant colored Oreos were starting to see something odd in their toilet bowls. Not to get gross on you, but it seems the rumors are true. A majority of people that consumed only a few of the cookies were finding the color of the filling that went into their bodies came out the same way it went in. Yes thats right, people were pooping hot pink colored bowel movements.


Nobody knows exactly why this is occurring but I'm gonna take a guess and think it has to deal with the amount of pink food coloring in the filling of the Oreo. I didn't believe that this was really happening when I first read the news reports. But with first hand experience I can confrim the rumors are true.


So if you have in interest in becoming a unicorn with pink bowel movements, give this product a try. Otherwise maybe you should just eat your Peeps and Oreos separate from each other!


Has this happened to you or someone you know? Comment below!

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