Kiss' touring calendar currently consists of only a week's worth of dates in Spain and Portugal booked for July. But singer Paul Stanley revealed that they have plans to make up for that, beginning in early 2019.

"A major Kiss tour, I would say, starts at the end of January," he told CNBC. "It hasn't been announced yet, so don't tell anybody. ... This will be the biggest tour we've done, the biggest show we've done."

Stanley could be giving another hint at "The End of the Road" tour that they've been talking about for a few months. Back in February, they filed a trademark application for the exclusive right to use the phrase in reference to live performances. At the time, Stanley brushed off chatter that it meant that they were about to call it quits, instead saying that they were simply planning ahead.

"It's not the first trademark that's been filed," he said. "I thought it was a terrific name, and I was surprised nobody had used it before. I wanted to make sure that when we used it, and there will be a time that we do, I imagine — I wanted to be sure that we own it and it's ours."

But if this is the last go-round for Stanley, it might not be the case for the band. The singer has occasionally said that a version of Kiss without him and/or Gene Simmons, the only other original member left in the group, could still tour under the Kiss banner.

"When a band or anything, a team, lasts 40 years, 50 years, the only way for it to continue is to evolve," he said. "That means in terms of personnel – otherwise, it's impossible. There are bands touring at this point with one or no original members and I have no problem with that, because it didn't happen overnight. It was a series of changes over years or decades. If someone were to say, 'Well, there's no original members in one of the versions of Yes,’ I’d say, 'Who cares?' It sounds like Yes and the pedigree is Yes, so is it Yes? Yes!”

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