I like to think that most people are smart, well intention-ed humans.  Unfortunately this theory is proven wrong almost daily.  The good news for Western New York is that usually these people are located in Florida.


For today's 'Are You Smarter Than' we have a story out of the great state of Florida, where intelligence is not a requirement.  A man tried to kiss a rattlesnake (yes you read that correctly) and got bit on the tongue instead.  He was then taken by helicopter to the hospital in critical condition.  He is expected to live because dumb never dies.

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Now there is so much wrong with this story that my head hurts.  First off, WHY would anyone try kissing a snake??  Out of all the creatures you could kiss, snake has got to rank low on the list.  Now I am against most animal kissing (including dogs) so maybe I am hyper sensitive to this.


With that said, if I get past the kiss, HOW did the tongue get bit??  You didn't try kissing a snake, you tried French kissing a snake bro!  You tried going to first base with a reptile and it cost you.  I get it, the snake likes to get all tongue-y but that doesn't mean she wants you to attack her.  No means no.  Reptile lives matter.


Sadly it doesn't surprise me that this idiot did this.  You mess with the Bull you get the horns.  If you mess with a snake you get put in a helicopter in critical condition.  WNY prove to me that you are smarter than this.  If I read about you in the Buffalo News trying to make moves at the zoo it better be an obituary.

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