Last week when I was teaching at Medaille, I was writing on the blackboard when a student stopped me.  She said "Juli, we can't read cursive."  I am sure my jaw dropped. Then I panicked because my printing is horrid!  I'd heard that they weren't teaching cursive anymore, but hadn't thought about kids not being able to read it.

So, it shouldn't have been a surprise when I read this today--not in cursive--but in the print of the Daily Mail. The headlines read:

"Children who are so used to playing on iPads can't even hold a pencil because their finger muscles aren't developing."

Kids actually can't even hold a pencil to print!

In case you want to remind them, the proper way to hold a pen/pencil is to grip it between your thumb, index and middle finger. Can't believe I just typed that! I bet you just checked to see if YOU hold a pencil correctly...


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