We've seen a few stories about an uptick in family stress because of couples being quarantined together.  Here are some ideas on how to shield your relationship from the extra stress we're all under . . .

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1.  Appreciate, don't criticize.  Our flaws might seem magnified and more annoying right now.

2.  Remember it's okay to be stressed out and upset right now.  We're all dealing with it differently.  So try to be a good listener...there are important feelings on BOTH sides.

3.  Give them some privacy.  Alone time is important, especially now.

4.  Don't forget about intimacy.  It relieves stress and keeps you connected.

5.  Stay flexible.  Plan out your week, but don't fill your whole day with things that HAVE to get done.  Schedule FREE TIME.

6.  Be willing to hit "pause" on a fight.  Things can spiral out of control fast when you're cooped up together.

7.  Laugh together.  Make time to do things you BOTH like.


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