Katy Perry just released a new album, is in a feud with Taylor Swift, is coming to Buffalo, and has probably just kissed a girl, but all of that pales in comparison to her latest feat.  She is now the Queen of Twitter!  When it comes to followers, even Jesus is a little jealous...Trump is furious!


Katy now has 100 Million followers, and if you are keeping track at home, that means she officially has 99,999,757 more than me.  I say we attempt to bridge that gap and follow @comictonyp right now!  With your help we can achieve this together.

Tony P is ready for the Triathlon

This also means that she is 99,997,445 ahead of our @Mix96Buffalo twitter as well.  Let's give that a follow too shall we!  In our defense she is officially ahead of everyone in the Twitterverse.  It is an impressive list to since it includes, well, everyone.


Justin Beiber is trailing with 96.7 million followers, former President Barack Obama with 90.8 million, Taylor Swift with 85.1 million, and Rihanna with 74.1 million.  To be tops on this list ahead of Presidents, and other major artists is kind of a big deal.  I would have thought that Taylor Swift would have been much higher.

Justin Bieber
Instagram: @justinbieber

So congratulations Katy, you have Twitter in the palm of your hand and Buffalo awaiting your arrival.  All this week we will be playing 'Hot and Cold' to help you win tickets to see her when she comes instead of just reading her tweets.


Good luck and remember...you can be anything you want to be if you set your mind to it...you just can't be on top of the Twitterverse because Katy has that in lockdown.

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