Early voting has begun in many parts of the country.  This story is a reminder to people to educate themselves on their local candidates.

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I'm not sure if this is really good news for the Bills, or really bad news for this city in Maine.

As many people head to the polls, in the city of Westbrook, Maine they're looking to vote for a candidate who isn't really running.  They're trying to vote for Josh Allen of The Buffalo Bills.

"A few folks have stopped by City Hall to let us know that there's something wrong with their ballots - they've seen lawn signs around town for this Josh Allen fella, but he's not listed as a candidate.

Please note that Josh Allen is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen is not actually a candidate in the City of Westbrook. Votes cast for Josh Allen will be counted as blanks.

But now we know we've got some loyal Bills fans in town!


You've seen the yard signs around Buffalo, but who would have thought there were so many up as far as Maine that people would actually think he was a real candidate?  And isn't Maine Patriots country?

That's great news for the Bills.  There are fans everywhere.  But it's not such good news for that city in Maine.  Unless they're just joking when they ask why he's not on the ballot, they might want to do a little more research on their candidates.

Allen would probably be a great politician.  He's an incredibly likable guy.  He makes good decisions in a hurry and has a "never quit" attitude.  He wouldn't be the first Bills quarterback to run for office either.  Jack Kemp had a long career as a politician too.  But for now, I think most of us in Buffalo would prefer that he just concentrate on football.

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