It's not uncommon for teams these days to have multiple versions of their uniforms.  Whether it's a throwback, or an alternate, but no one has one like this...

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When Josh Allen first came to town, he was asked to do his best to draw the logo that is on the side of the helmets for the Buffalo Bills in just 60 seconds.

Let's just say, he's a much better quarterback than he is an artist.  I'm gonna be honest though, he did quite a bit better than some of the other rookies in his class with what is arguably a much tougher logo to draw.

"Safe to say, don't call me Picasso." - Josh Allen

But his drawing went viral.  It ended up on t-shirts, hoodies, and hats and evidently is a fan favorite.  Now, a fan has even created a concept helmet of what it would look like with that logo on the side: maybe that would be a little bit much to actually run out on the field on a Sunday afternoon with this logo on our helmets, but if any team would do it, it would be the Josh Allen led Buffalo Bills.  It really does seem like no other team has as much fun as they do and I could totally see them embracing something like this.

Maybe just for a day at training camp?  Maybe a preseason game...if they have them this year?

We will have to wait until next year to see them, regardless.


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