The changes at local TV stations in New York continue.

Just a couple of weeks after several major moves happened at local television stations another meteorologist they are no longer working on-air.

Former Channel 4 WIVB meteorologist Jordyn Jenna announced on her social media that she is no longer with the station. Her contract expired and she did not renew with the company.



Jenna had been with Channel 4 for two years. She is the second meteorologist to leave the Buffalo market in the past 30 days.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Carl Lam, who did weekend weather on Channel 2 WGRZ-Tv announced he would be stepping away from that role.

This year has seen several major changes in local television stations. One of the biggest moves was Michael Wooten leaving WGRZ for Channel 7 WKBW.

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WIVB is now down to three meteorologists, Todd Santos, Mike Chejka, and Mike Doyle.

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