The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to kick off their season this Thursday and one rumor has the Buffalo Bills trading one of their All-Pro players.

According to an article on Bleacher Report, the Buffalo Bills could make a trade that would send Jordan Poyer to the New York Giants for a couple of draft picks. The report stated that the Bills would send Poyer and a 5th round pick in the 2023 NFL for the New York Giants' 4th and 5th round pick if the Giants' 5th round pick is higher than the Bills' pick.

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Why This Trade Would Work.

The Bills have yet to sign the All-Pro safety to a contract extension and the Bills are close to the salary cap. Moving off Poyer for some extra draft picks would free up some cap space and allow the Bills to use some of those extra picks to move up in next year's draft and select a safety if needed.

Also, the New York Giants front office and coaching staff have ties with the Bills over the past couple of years and they know what kind of player Poyer is.

Why This Trade Wouldn't Work

If the Bills are truly in "Win Now" mode for this season they want to have the best players on the field this season, now down the line. Getting draft picks in next year's draft doesn't do anything for the Bills this season. If the Bills want to win the Super Bowl, they want to have Jordan Poyer on their team.

Will The Bills Make This Deal?

In my opinion, heck no. The Bills winning a Super Bowl would give the team, General Manager Brandon Beane, and Head Coach Sean McDermott the ultimate job security for the next several years. The Bills team, players, and fans want nothing more than to win a Super Bowl and they will do everything they can to win this year.

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