Have you ever boarded a plane while you were pregnant, not even giving a thought to, what would happen if I go into labor while flying? 

That very thing happened to a soon-to-be Mom on a JetBlue flight from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale the airline confirmed on Saturday.


Flight 1954 welcomed what the airline officially dubbed their “youngest customer to date” on the Friday flight and now the airline wants to rename the jet, which was ironically already named “Born to Be Blue,” after the newborn.

“We’d like to thank the crew and medical professionals on board for their quick action under pressure, and wish the new mother and son all the best. Flight 1954 was operated on aircraft N523JB, coincidentally named, ‘Born To Be Blue,'” JetBlue shared in a statement to NBC 6. JetBlue did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.


Despite what the crew and medical professionals did to help the pregnant mom deliver, the flight managed to arrive 11 minutes early, and the young customer appeared to arrive somewhat early as well.  While midair births are somewhat rare, many have indeed happened on various carriers.

JetBlue planes have names inscribed on them.  No word from the carrier yet on the request for a name change to honor the newborn.

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