The Buffalo Bills' home playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs didn't go as planned, but there was one event that happened that should lead to a future NFL Hall of Famer being banned from Highmark Stadium.

If you didn't see it already on social media, Travis Kelce's brother Jason Kelce was at the Bills game on Sunday night. He was having a good time and even took off his shirt and was enjoying the game bare-chested.

While there were plenty of shirtless guys in the crowd during the chilly Sunday night game, Kelce took things a little further and that is why he should be banned from Buffalo Bills home games.

I know celebrities are treated differently than us normal people, but we have a chance to treat Kelce like any other blue-collar, hard-working, Buffalionian.

You see, Jason Kelce leaped from one of the boxes into the stands, chugged a beer, took some photos, and then jumped back into the box.

If any member of the Bills Mafia did that, we would instantly be tossed from the game, have our tickets revoked, and be banned from the stadium.

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With that being said, let us set an example with Mr. Kelce and ban him from Highmark Stadium. It would show that the Bills have the best interests of the fans as a whole over just one celebrity.

Will it happen, probably not, should it happen? Yes!

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