Ever since I can remember, two things have held true:

  1. You will NEVER plug in a USB the right way the first time.
  2. Even if you just had an enormous meal, if you SMELL wings, you're gonna want them.

The olfactory sense is quite magical.  If I sniff a bottle of Electric Youth, I'm immediately transported to 1989. It's a memory triggered by a scent.  Not too crazy, right?

But what if everything you HEARD....TASTED like something?

James Wannerton has a neurological condition called synesthesia, where two of the senses are weirdly connected.  There are many types of the condition, and it's not always the hearing sense vs. the tasting sense.  It could be the sense of smell linking to the sense of vision.

For James, he tastes something different with each different sound, from voices to music to traffic to dogs barking.

What does my voice taste like?  What does an alarm clock taste like?  What does the sound of Donald Trump's voice conjure up?  How does a dog's bark taste?  James spent some time with us today...

James was also asked by decluttr.com to "taste" songs...some from 2016, and some of our all-time favorites.  The results?


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