One airline wants to help the Bills Mafia this season, and people in Western New York are excited about it. 

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough home games in Buffalo? With Buffalo being the booming city that it is, there is something going on every weekend in Western New York and it can throw a loop into your game plans.

But it doesn’t have to! Now, you’ll be able to easily attend games in other cities, thanks to Southwest Airlines.

A Bills fan who works for Southwest shared the news that the company would be adding special nonstop flights to certain away games. When the Bills head to Miami, Houston, Indianapolis, and other major cities, you could be going with them!

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The following direct nonstop flights have been added for Buffalo Bills fans to attend away games for the upcoming season:

  • FLL (Miami Dolphins)
    • Wed 09/11 flight 6722 @ 9:55am
    • RETURN Sun 09/15 flight 6745 @ 10am
  • HOU (Houston Texans)
    • Fri 10/04 flight 6799 @ 12pm
    • RETURN Mon 10/07 flight 6775 @ 12pm
  • IND (Indianapolis Colts)
    • Fri 11/08 flight 6517 @ 1pm
    • RETURN Mon 11/11 flight 6528 @ 1230pm
  • LAX (Los Angeles Rams)
    • Fri 12/06 flight 6561 @ 1:25pm
    • RETURN Mon 12/09 flight 6572 @ 1215 pm

The Buffalo Bills open the season with a home game against the Arizona Cardinals. The following week, the Bills have a primetime Thursday night game against the Miami Dolphins, which will be in Florida. 

Thanks to Southwest, though, you can be watching the Week 2 game in Miami! 

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