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This could be an epic move and it could be a big win-win for everyone. The day after the Super Bowl will have a holiday after it in 2027.

For at least one time. That's the next time that President's Day will lineup the day after the big game.

For YEARS there have been massive petitions to try and push congress to make the day after the Super Bowl a federal holiday, giving everyone the day off. The day is statistically infamous for being the lowest productive day for people at work. So, why not just give people the day off?

None of the petitions have stuck. But, they have really received hundreds of thousands of signatures over the past couple of years. But, there is a new idea that people are petitioning that just seems to make sense.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul should rally and try and other officials on board to get President's Day, a federal holiday, MOVED up a couple of days and land on the day after the Super Bowl.

This year specifically, President's Day is celebrated on February 19, 2024.


We aren't getting rid of President's Day, we are just simply moving it up a week in order to make happen, what millions of people have been hoping for. What's the hurt?


Around 16 million American employees plan to miss work Monday, Feb. 12, the day after Super Bowl 58, according to a survey of 1,192 Americans, conducted Jan. 10-12, 2024 by The Harris Poll for The Workforce Institute at UKG", according to The Oklahoman.

On top of the 16 million that already took off from work--another 9% of people will actually call in sick the next day. The Super Bowl is expected to end somewhere around 10:15 PM without any overtime.

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