This is going to be a monumental and historic week across New York State as new laws will be celebrated by the Attorney General and Governor Hochul.

According to reports, new laws that will protect kids and their privacy online will be put in to place.

Letitia James will be celebrating the passage of the SAFE For Kids Act and the New York Child Data Privacy act.

But nearing the halfway point of the year, it is time to see what is next for New York State and Governor Hochul has some points that she is trying to stress.

Before the lawmakers of New York State leave this week, there are some things that the Governor wants to see happen.

According to reports, there's a debate on several issues including climate change and limits to the harmful impacts of social media on children.

In a post on "X", formerly Twitter, the Governor of New York State made her intentions clear. "This week, I spoke with parents, young people, and advocates across the state about the youth mental health crisis and how our legislation will keep kids safe online".

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