This week has been pretty awesome weather-wise in Western New York. With mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine to boot, it finally feels like spring is here to stay. 

If you looked up in the sky yesterday morning, though, you might have noticed that the sun we’ve been enjoying so much looked a little, well, odd. 

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Instead of the bright light we expect on a sunny day, a hazy, orange-ish blob greeted Western New York. If you got to catch a glimpse of it on the way to work or school, it actually looked pretty cool. But many people were wondering - “why does the sun look like that?

Why Was The Sun Glowing and Hazy Yesterday In Western New York?

It wasn’t clouds or fog that made yesterday’s morning sun look so unique. It’s actually because of a reason that’s much more tragic. 

Alberta Wildfires Causing Hazy Skies In Western New York

Currently, there are over 100 wildfires burning over 2,000 miles away in the western province of Alberta, Canada. Although wildfires are common during this time of year in the Alberta wilderness, this year proves to be worse than usual, prompting a state of emergency in the area. 

Authorities had evacuated over 24,000 residents from their homes by Tuesday, according to the New York Times, with even more expected. 

Thick smoke from the fires has made determining the amount of damage in the area difficult. The amount of smoke is so massive, it’s even drifted across the continent, settling over the great lakes and into our area of Buffalo. 

Some of the hazy sky is still lingering in the area, so instead of being mad that it’s taking away some of our Western New York sunshine, we should use it as a reminder to think about the families who have lost their homes in Alberta. Let’s remember to keep them in our thoughts.

Massive Fire In Downtown Buffalo

A large structure fire overtakes a four-story building on Main Street in Downtown Buffalo on March 1st,

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