Did you get your New York State STAR rebate direct deposit in your bank account? If you have not checked your account, take another look.

The price of everything is outrageous these days. Just yesterday, I paid over $7 for a bottle of water and a bottle of orange juice!! That is nuts!

But for some, there may be some good news and it may be in the form of STAR money.

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If you have any STAR questions check the main website HERE

There are reports that New York State is going to send out STAR payments in the form of direct deposit.
What you will need to do is enroll online at and money will go right to their bank account instead of having to wait for a check.

New York State went on to say in recent statement online, "Eligible school taxpayers who enroll in the direct deposit program can expect to receive their STAR credit before the deadline for school taxes in their school district. To get started, homeowners can visit STAR Credit Direct Deposit".

It is not often that we see money coming BACK to us from New York State. Some may see a good amount of cash and it could help get over that hump or help with some of the summer plans that you might have.

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