When you are able to find something priced at 86% lower than normal, it’s hard to ignore. And when the product is a home, something that has been so difficult for people to find in an affordable range nowadays, you have to at least take a look inside. 

Zillow named Buffalo the Hottest Housing Market for 2024, meaning that a lot of people are looking to move into the Western New York area.  

For an average home buyer in Western New York, you will spend approximately $209,192. That price is up about 6.4% over the last year, with home values rising to more than double since early 2018.

So when you manage to find a home that is affordable, even though it requires a bit of work, you have to at least consider it as an option. 

This home, located on Adams St in Buffalo, has a price tag of a shockingly low $29,000. The only catch is: the home is fully gutted, so it needs some work. 

It is in a great location, though! Only minutes from downtown Buffalo, this home is walking distance from pretty much anything you need! There are so many elegant eateries and cute shops just a walk away, so once the renovations get underway, you will be set with not only a beautiful home – but one that is in a quaint, homey community. 

If you are handy or have some construction connections, you could really turn this house around and make it a dream home!

Step Inside The Cheapest House In Western New York

This is a great fixer home if you are someone who likes to build and renovate to match your dream vision!

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye, Zillow


Here’s something cool: Zillow compared houses like this one that were remodeled and resold, and those remodeled comparables have sold above $130,000. That’s quite a profit!  

To show the potential for the home, Zillow has included a virtually renovated image to give you an idea about how it could look once remodeled or renovated.

So what do you say? Would you make this house a home?

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