Dave, Rob, and I had the utmost pleasure in experiencing the Aura Salt Caves in Amherst, NY. The experience is something we will never forget!


If you are like me, you went out and bought those really cool salt lamps. The salt lamps have many benefits like air purification, reduction in electromagnetic radiation and airborne infections, eases asthma and allergy symptoms, and it helps boost your mood and also helps you sleep. What is not to love? I have one in my room and one in Amber's room. Add some essential oils to the mix and I have my little oasis.

Let's take it a step further, can you imagine laying in an anti gravity chair with 8 tons of the purest salt on earth from Klodawa, Poland?  The temperature and humidity are controlled to recreate the micro-climate of the actual salt mines in Poland. The average session is 45 minutes and they have several packages to choose from to fit into your budget. This happens all in a salt cave at  Aura.

I have to tell you, I felt so relaxed after this session. I wanted to take a nap! Even Dave and Rob enjoyed themselves too! They do have kid sessions available to make it a family affair. Give them a call today to book your appointment: Phone: 716.276.9120 

Visit their website if you want further information by clicking here

They also sell amazing essential oils. As soon as you walk into this place, you have a sense of a Zen like feeling. I certainly want to try and replicate this in my home.  Check out the Youtube video of our experience below with  Kelly one of the owners of Aura:


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