Did you ever wonder what items you SHOULDN'T leave in your car in Winter or in sub-freezing weather?  We just survived a Blizzard here in Buffalo and that caused many of us to keep some non-perishables in our vehicles in case we get stranded, but there are items that you shouldn't leave in your car.

  • Canned foods and liquids - when water freezes it expands...could make for an explosive and messy situation
  • Medication - some medications can become less effective if they freeze.
  • Musical Instruments - especially those made of wood may warp if they freeze.
  • Cell phones, Tablets and Laptops - Both cold and hot weather can affect cell phones, tablets and the like, causing them to shut down. Cold weather causes lithium batteries to not discharge electricity, in other words causing them to "freeze".

AARP has more on the effects of freezing temperatures along with more on auto safety, and what's coming in cars of the future here.

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