It looks like you can take the player out of Buffalo, but the player still wants the Buff-a-love from Bills Mafia.

The "Face of the Franchise" Isaiah McKenzie signed with the Indianapolis Colts this past offseason after he was released by the Buffalo Bills.

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"Lil Dirty" was a fan favorite of the Bills Mafia and he loved interacting with the fan base. He also knows how passionate the Bills Mafia is for the Buffalo Bills and he is hoping to have some of that passion transfer over to his new team.

Over the weekend, McKenzie sent out a Tweet asking for a very unique Request from the best fanbase in the NFL.

He asked the Bills Mafia to root for him and the Colts during the Bills' bye week.

Of course, McKenzie could entice more Bills Mafia members to support him during the Bills bye week by offering some free BBQ from his restaurant to Bill Mafia members who make the trip. You know Bills Mafia loves some good tailgate food.

The Bills won't face the Colts this season, but they do take on one of the AFC South rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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