Most people when asked described their commute as relaxing. Probably the reason is the use the commute to either prep for work in the morning or to unwind from work in the afternoon.

I can certainly identify with that because my commute is relaxing because when I come in at 5am there is no one on the road, and when I leave at midday, there is very little traffic.

...less than one in 10 Americans say they don’t encounter any traffic on their typical daily commute.


Sixty-three percent of Americans said that commuting time was a major part of their job decision, and for many, work starts in the car on the way to the office. About one third of commuters use their drive to visualize their work day and make to-do lists in their head.

Half of American commuters say that they have actually chosen a longer commuter to have more time to themselves.

(SWNS Digital)



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