So yesterday we were talking about how my wife Elizabeth usually never wears her wedding ring and her reason why was that she is always washing her hands and she is afraid she will lose it. (Which happened to Melody)

We asked if there is ever a reason NOT to wear your ring. Tons of people answered on our Facebook page and some made me upset...(I'm looking at you, Joanne!!)

Here are some of the reponses:

Marissa wrote

My husband is in the military and works with electrical equipment and isn’t allowed to wear his at work in case of electrocution."

Kim doesn't wear her ring at all!!

Neither my husband or I wear our rings and neither of us have a problem with it. We are secure in our relationship and don’t believe a ring means anything"

Allison has a valid reason:

Vacation! In and out of water is a lost ring waiting to happen!"

Check out all the answers here:

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