When I was a kid, I remember those long drives down the 90 east to the Pembroke exit as my dad and I were on our way to Six Flags Darien Lake.

It took me a while, but I eventually got comfortable enough to ride roller coasters and now, they're my favorite thing of any amusement park.

However, the Ferris Wheel was my favorite thing as a little kid and I'm not scared of heights and moving slowly, which cannot be said for my older brother.

The Giant Wheel at Six Flags Darien Lake was one of the signature rides for years. It was seen from far away and was always the best way to see the entire park from atop the ride.

However, as you have probably heard by now (if you are a regular at the park), The Giant Wheel seems to have been "retired," based on a sign that is at the entrance of the ride.

The sign says The Giant Wheel is retired and closed for 2021, but "alternatives" will be "evaluated" in the future.

Perhaps the site will have a new ride but if you go to Darien Lake right now, the passenger cars have been removed from the wheel itself, as the ride sits dormant this summer and into the fall.

I'm curious what will happen if the ride is indeed (appears that way) done, and just how they repurpose the space.

I loved The Giant Wheel and share the sadness many have that it appears done.

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