There is a new term that is causing guys to pause and reflect. That new term is "CAT-chelors" . . . as in cat-bachelors.  It means single, like it sounds,  men who opt to get a cat instead of a girlfriend.

We've found more and more single guys are getting cats, because they feel like it takes pressure off them having to find a mate.

One in four cat-chelors said having a cat makes being single easier. Almost a third said they like having a cat around, that they're "good to talk to."

There's a punch line here somewhere...

Jonny Gould, CEO for pet wellbeing firm  which commissioned the study, said: "The news comes as a blow for man's best friend, with a quarter of single men going as far as to say cats are on their way to usurping dogs from their throne.

"Our feline friends can often come up against a bit of stick for being independent and aloof, so it's great to shine a compassionate light on how the nation's cats are taking care of us.

Some more stats from the survey...

1.  One in four think their cat makes them come across as a more loving person.

2.  50% of cat-owning single men said their cat helps keep them calm.

3.  One in five single men overall think owning a cat would have a positive effect on their romantic life.

4.  And one in six cat-chelors claim it HAS helped them land more dates.

I have a cat, dogs are not allowed in my townhouse, but that being said cats are much more independent than dogs, and they are communicative, but mine does not like riding in the car, like some of the dogs I have owned do.  The part about getting you more dates...hmmm, if you like cat's lets have coffee.



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