There are good points on either side of this debate.  Should Halloween always be the last Saturday of the month?

There is a petition online that is asking to officially move Halloween to the last Saturday of the month.

Lets be honest, it would clear up a bunch of confusion.  How many times have you heard someone ask, when is trick or treating this year?  Sometimes neighborhoods decide to change their trick-or-treating days anyway.

The days could be longer too.  If Halloween was on a Saturday, you could celebrate all day.  You wouldn't have to wait to get out of school.  That would be helpful for little kids too.  They could get some good trick-or-treating time during daylight hours instead of in the dark.

Also, if it's on a Saturday, there's no worry about homework or kids being tired the following day at school.


Not everyone is excited about the idea of Halloween being on a Saturday.  Keep in mind, if trick-or-treaters have more time to trick or treat, that's all the more candy that will need to be given out (and purchased by homeowners).

There's also the religious aspect of Halloween.  Traditionally Halloween has been held on October 31st because it is All Hallow's Eve and the night before All Saints Day.

What do you think?  Is it time to move the date?

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