Easter is this upcoming weekend and all my favorite Easter treats are being consumed! The chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and of course peeps! I personally LOVE peeps, I'm always shocked to see how many people hate them!


First off peeps are ADORABLE. The cute little edible sparking chick is a perfect Easter treat. How could anyone hate marshmallows? Let alone marshmallows covered in sugar??? I have been eating this miracle candy since I was able to chew. Turns out i'm the only DJ on the Mix 96 staff that actually likes them.


Laura Daniels - "Peeps are the devils food"

Tony P- " I almost threw up during the Tony Tries segment they are disgusting!!"

Val Townsend - "I'm indifferent. I go either way. I'm bipeepler"

Sam Taylor- " I don't really dislike them, I just don't eat them"


These responses absolutely saddens me. Looks like i'm a lone supporter of the peep in this building. Do you like them? Take the poll below.


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