Today, millions of dog owners are celebrating National Dog Day and out of those millions of pet owners, thousands let their dog lick their face. They do this under the assumption that a dog's mouth is cleaner than humans....but is it really?

Comparing the two can be tricky due to the TYPE of bacteria found in each mouth. Sure, dogs have fewer bacteria in their mouths compared to humans, but what type of germs are they?

Think about a human...most germs are passed around using our hands. We touch everything from railings, desks, door handles and more!

Now think about a dog...they use their nose and mouth like a hand. They smell everything and use their nose and mouth to snift, bite, and move a lot of fo stuff.

So in a sense, a dog's mouth comes in contact with more different types of germs then a human's mouth...which would mean a human's mouth is cleaner.

So next time, skip the face lick and go for a nice head scratch!


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