The *NEW* Mix morning show will be broadcasting LIVE from Iron Island on Friday the 13th. This is definitely one of the most haunted places in Buffalo, NY. Let me tell you why...


The Iron Island Museum, built in 1883, was a church and former funeral home. It is, indeed haunted and they have been on GhostHunters, Ghost Lab and My Ghost Story. Amazing history along with the paranormal at this place.

Edgar Zernicke is known to haunt the place, whose cremated remains went unclaimed in the basement and two 6-year-old boys who were both waked out of the funeral home in the 1960s. Spirit voices have been recorded along with pictures and video's of the spirits that haunt the building. Many different spirits seem to come and go, but many stay to visit with the guests.


If you are brave enough, you can schedule an overnight stay at the museum. You know things that go "bump" in the night and this is certainly one of them.

For a self guided tour, it is only $2.00 and a guided tour is $5.00

Relatively inexpensive and guaranteed to spook!

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