Bitter cold weather is on the way across New York and no one ever wants to hop into their vehicle and drive to work or school inside a cold ride.

Many New Yorkers will run out to their driveway or to the street and turn on their vehicle to let it warm up before they go off on their daily commute.

But is it legal to warm up your vehicle and let it run with no one inside in New York State? The answer is no.

According to New York State Law 1210. It is illegal for you to leave your car running and idling if it is unattended.

§ 1210. Unattended  motor  vehicle. (a) No person driving or in charge
  of a motor vehicle shall permit it to  stand  unattended  without  first
  stopping  the  engine,  locking  the ignition, removing the key from the
  vehicle, and effectively setting the brake thereon  and,  when  standing
  upon  any  grade,  turning  the  front wheels to the curb or side of the
  highway, provided, however, the provision for removing the key from  the
  vehicle  shall  not  require the removal of keys hidden from sight about
  the vehicle for convenience or emergency.

Now there are some expectations. If your car has a remote starter, then you can warm it up and let it idle since the keys are not in the ignition. Also, you can let your car run while you are clearing off the snow and ice. Technically the car is vacant, but since you are right next to it clearing off snow and ice, it is not unattended.

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While most times you will not get a ticket if you warm up your car, there is a chance you could. if you do you could face a fine of up to $150 per offense and you could face up to 15 days in jail.

Is a nice and toasty ride to work or school worth it?

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