Citizens around China confined to their apartments either by choice or by order are actually making the best of the situation as a lockdown continues in a desperate bid to contain the Coronavirus.

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“Many travel plans and outdoor activities were canceled. A lot of people are strictly limiting their needs of going outside,” said Ouyang, the father. “Staying home is boring. So we decided to play this game at home with our kids and record a short clip of it.”

A woman who lives in Hubei province, a city not too far from Wuhan...

...sips water from a giant glass to her own reflection in the mirror and drinks from a coconut with a TV background showing animation of a beach. In another clip, she makes a tiny snowman with ice from her freezer.

Schools have delayed opening so University student turned his living room into a badminton court. Others took to the social media to show off their skills like pretending to be fishing from a small bucket in their room, and playing billiard using chopsticks and cherry tomatoes and tropical fruit, for balls.

More than 50 million people in Wuhan and nearby cities are being kept in place in the most far-reaching disease control measures ever imposed.


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