According to what has since been considered a hoax, the world was supposed to end this Saturday, September 23.  Turns out that won't be happening now, and we can all go back to our lives.  But let's pretend for a second it was gonna...


I mean looking at the positives...if the world ends this Saturday...

  • We wouldn't have to see the Bills get a Denver beat down at New Era Field.
  • I wouldn't have to respond to angry Bills fans because I said that "the Bills would get a Denver beat down at New Era Field."
  • The Bills final season record would be 1-1 and nobody predicted that!
  • We wouldn't have to deal with the upcoming Monday!
  • I, and many others, would be done paying on our student loans, car payments, mortgages, and kids dance/dance/soccer/dance/more dance/gymnastics payments.
  • We end it on a Saturday so that we get to enjoy the best day of the weekend forever!
  • TV would end, so you wouldn't be disappointed in how your favorite series was concluded.  I'm looking at you Grey's Anatomy...
  • NO MORE (of anyone else that annoys you)!!
  • Don't have to worry whether the snow blower can make it through this winter.
  • It's sunny and 85 that day in Buffalo, so at least our city goes out on top!
  • No more yard work!
  • No more reloading the dishwasher after your wife loads it wrong!
  • No more apologizing to the wife for writing that there is "No more reloading the dishwasher after your wife loads it wrong" and posting it at

Not a bad list of positives.  Let's be honest, the only real negative to the world ending Saturday is that...

  • You can no longer listen to 'Because I Said' with Val Townsend and Tony P, 3-7pm weekdays.
First Day on the Job!
First Day on the Job!


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