Now we have some great Ice-creme companies right here (Lake Effect and Perry's)  in Buffalo.  They are luckily for us sealed beautifully.

So no one  has been gross enough to lick from the containers in the stores and then put the ice creme back.   Ugh!

Well, it was a case of Blue Bell ice creme in San Antonio, Texas in a local Walmart.

Employees started to feel suspicious, decided to watch the store's security videos, and there she was.

All of the ice-cremes were pulled off the shelf, and thankfully NONE were sold.

Since the girl was under 18 she was turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

In this CBS report Blue Bell added,

"Food tampering is not a joke, and we will not tolerate tampering with our products," the statement concludes. Blue Bell creameries said they notified police as soon as an employee was able to identify the store where the incident took place.

Yucky, right?

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