How cool is it that they brought back Roseanne? Well, now a lot of other stations are following suit...



Fox confirmed that they are bringing back, "Last Man Standing." If you remember, it is with Tim Allen:

One of my favorite shows that they are bringing back is "Charmed." I really enjoyed this show and this was a huge part of my teenage years. This will be available on the CW

The CW is also bringing back "Roswell."

Not sure what made stations have a change of heart to bring back some of these old school shows. They were the ones who decided to cancel them in the first place. I am excited to have all of these shows come back but I don't know if it will feel the same.

I like watching "Roseanne" because they did a great job of replicating their house, and they have most if not all of the original characters. It brings me back to when I was younger.

I am anxious to see what happens here. What TV show do you want to have come back?

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