The Boulevard Mall has seen a downward trend in overall popularity over the years but that will soon change in a big way.

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According to WKBW, plans are in place to revamp the 63-acre property where the Boulevard Mall is into a town center.

The Town of Amherst has been working with developer Douglas Jemal, who has worked on the Seneca One Tower development.

The mall will essentially turn into a little village where someone can not only shop and eat, but get housing and enjoy green space. Here's a rendering of what it'll look like.

The Wegmans across the street on Alberta Drive will also be connected with the revamped Boulevard Mall.

"We are going to break a road in between to connect it to Wegmans and make it a town center. A little town," said Jemal.

Thousands of residential units and new jobs will be brought into the land.

Although the entire project is expected to take 10 years, the plan is to begin building by spring of 2021.

How cool does all of this sound!?

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