Most of us think of our mom as JUST a mom.  But how much do you know about her life before she had you?

I'm not taking about who she dated...things like where she lived, went to high school or college...what her first job was.

“Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate what your mom has done for you, but what she’s done throughout her entire life,” said Groupon President of North America Aaron Cooper.


“While most of us feel like we know everything we possibly can about our mom, these results show that there’s a strong appetite — and room for improvement — to learn even more about her life story and the passions that drive her interests.”

My Mom went to college which wasn't the norm in her day and worked as a chemist in a plant in Niagara Falls called the Oldbury that was eventually acquired by Hooker Chemical.

While visiting with Mom this Mother's Day take some time to find out more about her.

(SWNS Digital)

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