We live in a reality TV world, and that world just got a little bit bigger.  There is a new show on the horizon that gives overworked Moms a break, and puts the childcare responsibilities on Dad.  If you thought American Horror Story was scary...


The producers of Undercover Boss have created a new family TV show, and it is every Dads worst nightmare.  The Moms get a break and the Dads have to do everything.  I shutter at the thought.

goodncrazy, flickr
goodncrazy, flickr

The good news for the family or families that get cast, you could receive a stipend of up to $20,000, and if you refer a family that gets selected you could get $1,000.  Not bad for a weeks work watching the kids.


The bad news is that our Dad secrets will be exposed for all of the world to see.  When Moms watch the kids, they plan out a whole activity day by half hour.  When Dads watch the kids, we turn on the TV and take a nap.  There is a reason why toys were invented.


Either way this show should be slightly entertaining and if you want to partake in the casting call, you can so RIGHT HERE.  Good luck to anyone who enters, and Dads...God speed.

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