People try sucking the good out of everything. Some people you can't stop from being negative.

Every day at this school, the teacher has a 'greeting station' and every day a new student sets up shop at the greeting station and draws a picture of a hug, a hand shake,  a fist bump or a high five and as the kids walk into the classroom, the point at how they want to be welcomed that morning by the greeter. It's seriously adorable, but some people on Facebook are saying it is forcing kids to be uncomfortable, immediately were concerned with getting sick or

This is seriously the cutest! Here's what one person commented on Facebook:

"As a Prek special ed teacher I see absolutely nothing wrong with this ... let’s look at what it DOES teach
1. Social skills
2. Making a choice
3. Making eye contact
4. Acceptance
5. Kindness

Not to mention the 1-2 kids that came off the bus without breakfast, had a crappy night sleep, or was upset with their parents now get to start the day with a positive interaction. I love this and will probably start the same in my room. A high five, fist bump, and a handshake are all other forms of touch, but less invasive. In my class, my students all know that they have to ASK a friend for a hug. This couldn’t be more awesome"

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