We live in Buffalo where we are known for rough winters. It can be extremely hard to go outdoors when it does get below freezing quite often. How easy is it to just toss your child on their Tablet, Kindle, or even Phone to entertain them?




Though there is nothing wrong with a little technology as it can be beneficial, but how much is too much? According to (https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/less-patient-more-lonely/) the more you limit your child's technology during the week, the more apt they are to do better in school and ultimately they enhance their social skills. The average family spends only 10 minutes with their child per day. Put the electronics down and choose a game of Scrabble, or Monopoly "Chance, advance to Boardwalk!" You will never know what kind of fun you will have. It's o.k. Buffalo, a few more weeks and the warmer weather will be here and we can send the kiddos off to the park! Until then, what will you do to spend more time with your kids?

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