Did you notice that NBC has the Olympic rings on their logo, already?  Well, the 2018 Winter Olympics start on February 9th.  This got me to thinking about almost friend-Eric Heiden.  Now if you are around my age, or just a winter games junkie you have to know about this guy.  In 1980 Eric Heiden earned 5 gold medals, and set multiple world record in long track speed skating at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics.  Here is how our almost friendship began.  First, we both grew up within a mile of each other in Madison, WI. Pretty sure our moms said "Hi" to each other at the local grocery story.   I remember watching him skate, at a nearby rink, that counts, right?  I would also catch sight of him, as he trained on his bike, in the summers. Okay what about this, Eric had a locker, ten down from me, at our shared High School-West High.  Sometimes he caught me smiling (actually staring) at him. So, we are kind of friends, right?


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